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Andyg ("I am from Karachi Pakistan, im 20 yrs old, a student, and i love computers, i am running...")
Marco Iglesias ("I am a 20 years old student and study Informatic Engineering @ "Politecnico di Torino". I...")
Carlos Chacon ("The fascination with extraterrestrial life runs deep in my family... my father's side of...")
Pablo Alvarado ("Soy de Costa Rica. Trabajo para la compañía propia INTERDESA junto con otros 2...")
BOZAPE ("Computer Support")
TAVO! ("Im an young adult, I like the cars, music, science, technology and soccer. I live in Costa...")
Jeronimo (" Me llamo Jeronimo, vivo en Costa Rica y soy un apacionado de la ciencia, siempre me ha...")
Orpheus ("I am from Costa Rica, I'm 21 years old. I am interested in astronomy, but in a practical...")

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