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guanaca ("I am a housewife and mother of two boys. I was born in El Salvador and now live in Costa...")
Azaghal ("I live in a small country in Central America, Costa Rica. I study Industrial Engeneering at...")
RamiroS ("I'm Ramiro from Argentina, but I'm living in Costa Rica right now.")
Victor Quiros ("I am a 35 y-o man from Costa Rica. I work as an anthropologist here although I consider my...")
Bill Anderson ("At 60 years of age, I still haven't stopped learning or experimenting. My interest in...")
andrey ("Nombre: Andrey Madrigal Alfaro Edad: 21 años País: Costa Rica Ocupación: Estudiante de...")
ZombieWare ("Name: Javier Jiménez Quirós. Age: 20 Occupation: Computer Engineer Hobbies: Destroy...")
cahuez(config)# ("que tal hermanos y hermanas.. vivo en costa rica y escucho las estrellas desde hace casi...")
mcmaxter ("Soy costarricense, estudio Ingeniería en Computación en el Instituto Tecnológico de...")
Superfly Jimmyjam ("I moved to Costa Rica last year and I rarely get to see the stars now, but I sure do love...")

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