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reno ("Hola: Soy ingeniero de sistemas y computacion de la universidad de los Andes, Bogota,...")
David Ramirez ("Hi, I'm from Colombia, 45, IT-Engineer and hobby photographer. SETI@HOME fan since I...")
Ernesto Sabogal ("Country: Colombia. Age: 35. Special interests: R&D, science. Occupation: R&D engineer,...")
Diego A. Galeano P. ("Soy un ingeniero civil de Medellin, Colombia al que siempre le ha gustado la astronomía y...")
Zalvadora el mejor LMS Empresarial SaaS Bogota Colombia ("Cofounder of Zalvadora, Disruptive Innovations, Eduvolucion. Horacio Reyes...")
Jairo Alberto Gutierrez Gelvez ("Computer Technician.")
nicorojas ("I'm a computer programmer, from Colombia, 32 years old, like classical music, (I'm a...")
German Alvarado ("Germán Alvarado Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia about 39.5 years ago. I work as...")
JEDILINK ("I'm a colombian computer scientist focused in computer graphics topics. Author of a...")
Andres A. Buendia Ucros ("Hi. I'm Andres A. Buendia Ucros I'm Colombian, born at Bogota D.C. on May 4 1970. I work...")

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