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The Jedi Alliance - Alex99 ("One of many seeking the truth.")
Jasper Overgaard Waale ("Bop. I'm Danish IT manager working for PWC in Cambodia and Laos, yaa got my first puter...")
Locutus ("I am Locutus, of Borg.")
Katelin ("I'm just a girl in the world looking for signs of Extraterrestrial intelligence. ")
Jayavarman VII ("God King of Angkor")
[AF>France>Bordeaux-Cub]DavidAntarius ("HI, J'essaie de créer un miniteam Aquitaine... Venez, on y croit...")
Penn d'Otu
Paul Harper ("I work for the United Nations as an Information Security Officer/Investigator in Cambodia....")
FLIPTELEPATHY ("I was born in 1954,and raised in Petoskey, Michigan. Born with the gift of Telepathy; not...")

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