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Diamand&Shark ("Yep")
slava ("I am a Queens College bum that spends to much time online. I play backgammon often at...")
Aleh Haiko ("Hi! I'm from Minsk - the capital of the Republic of Belarus (a lost country between Poland...")
Stimorol ("Will buy faster processor:)") ("2919730803-MSMIDAMLWBTLOSTL")
Dmitry Kasatkin ("I'm from Minsk, Belarus. 29 years old. Programmer.")
Valera Semelenov ("Programmer")
Dev ("All my life I was fond of stars. That is why I've chosen SETI@Home as main projects of...")
Mac Sim ("In progress...")
AlexSudnik ("Обо всем этом я подумаю...")

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