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Team BDM
Khaled A. AlHajri
Piccard - Ketracel White ("Memeber of the group "Ketracel White" I am fond of cold coffee :) I am a PS2 Maniac. I...")
Bahrain Society for to Find the Space Monster (" We are represent the sophicated people of Bahrain. Our mishen is to make the finding for...")
FishySwimSwim - Ketracel White ("Was born & bred in Bahrain & have been using computers for the last 13 or so years. It all...")
Bh7 - Ketracel White ("Just a treckie at heart with hopes one day they will ALLOW us to know they are out...")
Hadi - Ketracel White ("Hello all, If you are reading this then i got to some1 out there!!! I come from a small...")
ÇáÏøæí ("I'm from Bahrain, and really interested in finding someone out there, aren't you? Besides...")
Nasty Elmo - Ketracel White ("Hey there Greetings from K.B. which is short for the kingdom of Bahrain ............ and if...")
King Cobra ("A world traveler")

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