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Two pet pike, both called Chris ("Always open doors for your superiors. It sets a good example to your subordinates.")
Raul Assis ("Hi Seti community, I'm from Angola. Professionaly I'm a computer engineer working in...")
F3rnand0 ("Hi! I'm from Angola, I've 32 years old, I'm graphic designer, one of my hobbies is...")
GIL GONÇALVES ("Please your version 3.03 have a virus.BDS/GF-135.01")
oerhjg v ("vhn;lk szrèjlnle5ry êigâe53 yç^sfvboùwtéfkW3 KSERT JOGIUW4o ydfb ry...")
travion ("football1f1b1f1b1bbaf9.jpg1bbaf9.jpg")

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