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Loozy ("I'm Algerian computer engeneer , i'm born in 06/28/1976 , i live in Constantine Algeria . I...")
Tyler_Sabren ("Help my country to climb in countries rank.")
Satan (" ")
Djamel Ait amrane ("I am Algerian, leaving in Oran. I am 49 years old. I am working as maritime pilot at Oran...")
Amrani Hacene ("FirstName: Hacene Lastname: Amrani Age: 29 years Nationality : Algerian Fonction: data...")
space0677 ("I'm A Computer Science Engeneer From Constantine (Algeria), I'm Born In 06/16/1977 , I'm A...")
ZamMed ("Hi my name is Ahmed from Algeria, i am electronic engeneer , i'm born in 26/05/1977.")
sofiene ("i'm a medical student ,26 years old from algiers "algeria" , i love to see stars in the sky...")
Tim Boukhmis

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