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koxkor - Basque Country (EuskalHerria) ("Freedom for the Basque Country. This is not Spain.")
Chupador#96 ("Hi there ! I'm a student from Portugal, i have 20 years old and i love anything related...")
CF ("Willkommen im gelobten LaNd! :)")
Paul ("Ich bin aus Österreich und bin am 15.8.1986 geboren. Ich programmiere gerne PHP,HTML,C/C ...")
Guillermator ("Female, born in 1942 (very young looking, active and youthful), retired doing Freelance Web...")
sander ("ET,Home ...")
apalong ("I believed there is some intelligence life form outside the earth. I have a dream that I...")
Delete my account ("I live in Holland, doing stuff with pc's since I was 12 years old. Started with a 386 sx...")

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