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Johnboy ("Hi all, I'm 28 from Australia working in Saudi Arabia for their Airforce. I used to be...")
Bluejay ("Software engineer, riding the networks, and riding the Harleys...")
Jaheem666 ("I am from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am 34 and own my own general services business.")
Richard Glass ("Name: Richard Glass Age: 31 Gender: Male Nationality: South African / British...")
Aceouss ("I'm Abdullah Zeini Jefri from Saudi Arabia. I'm a male born on April 28, 1976 and I've been...")
Commtexx UK Ltd ("Born in the midlands in the UK, Educated to degree level. Woking in the IT field at the...")
Nour ("Hi! I'm a 20 years old male student at KFUPM university in Saudi Arabia. I live in the...")
star-doc ("I have been an amateur in astronomy for more than 20 years, my profession being a...")
Thamir Ghaslaan ("Location: Land of Sand. Aka Saudi Arabia. DOB: 31/7/1978 Running Seti@home on 4 networked...")
vmvv ("Hi , my name you can see on top...DOB: 1986 .I am living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at this...")

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