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Reuben ("Hey Guys I'm Reuben! 19... 20 Soon (June 2005)from MAURITIUS - Island close to Reunion In...")
Wizard ("I am in the building industry and live in Mauritius")
nitin ("age 33 work as cook in hotel? ")
jehans ("jehans ittoo lives at vacoas. in standard 6 at vacoas primary school")
shadjiah ("Hi. I am from mauritius-quite far..I am 18 yrs of age and i am science student. I love...")
surendra CHEDEMBRUN ("I am 47 years old, residing at Boulet Rouge, Central Flacq. I'm an administrative clerk at...")
SidShady ("If we found intelligent life, would they find us intelligent? My name is Sid and science...")
Puss In Boots ("I like cats. I like boots. I like hats. I lead a busy life, but try to contribute...")
Bhushan2304 ("Just a simple user, who wants to contribute in research.")

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