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Cedric M Mallia ("I am from Malta, and live in Malta. My interest in astronomy derives from the beauty that I...")
DEVROCK ("Warum ich bei SETI teilnehme: Ich finde das Projekt einfach spannend und hab Freude daran,...")
Jeremy Mc Keldey ("About me? Well, i'm 31, a Perl-Programmer (yes, perl rulez!) and System Administrator of...")
Martin Galea De Giovanni ("Programmer/Analyst by Profession and Amateur Astronomer for the past 10 years . Most of my...")
Michael Camilleri ("I come from Malta, a small Island in the Mediterranean Sea. Born 1956. I am a semi retired...")
mawi ("SciFi-Fan since 20 years. I live in Munich and work as an editor.")
Toninu ("Hi, I live in Malta but I was born in New York U.S.A. I work on computers and I am also a...")
Pierre_Aquilina ("I'm from the small Mediterranean Island of Malta. 42 years of age and a space exploration...")
Terran Confederation SETI Team ("Global seems to the the best definition when describing me. Born in Zagreb, Croatia, I've...")
OmlandiaII (Viva Malta) ("i love distributed computing")

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