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Dandy ("Tetovo, Macedonia, 26.")
Goce ("Ahhhh...")
Kruser ("Macedonian, born in 1977, student of Computer Engineering, likes computer music (a lot). ...")
Atko ("Born in '77, in Skopje, now working as a network administrator. ")
Seti Man ("I`m graduated engineer for telecomunications and electronics.I live in Skopje capital of...")
Ars ("Lazy")
zemjanka ("I'm chemist "in process" (student),mensan and SETI-maniac")
ForumMK ("I am 20 Law student, love the space and space exploration")
Vlatko Jankuloski ("NC")
Kosta ("My name is Kosta.I am 19 years old. I live in Skopje, Macedonia.I`m a student at the...")

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