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guillenv ("Hi, I'm from the Dominican Republic, living in São Paulo. I have been working on...")
eburgos ("My name is Eduardo Burgos. I'm from Dominican Republic.")
Ariel Torres ("ing. electronic, 18 years, hobbies computer, computer and more computer!! im from dominican...")
Carlos Bogaert ("I like cheese.")
Luis Ovalles ("i am from Dominican Republic, more that 20 years in the IT.")
Angel Sosa ("Hi, I`m from Dominican Republic, yes that island next to Puerto Rico (-: , i`m 19 years...")
Garipito (" Sex: Male Birthday: May 31, 1982 Hometown: La Romana, Dominican Republic ")
LeoSalazar ("Dominican Republic is my land, I love nature and space, jazz and good food, booze and...")
Orlando ("I was born in the Dominican Republic and I love all sort of things related to space and...")
Mudmaster (Franklyn De Dios) ("My name is Franklyn De Dios... I'm a 27 years old mechanical engineer who lives in...")

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