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reno ("Hola: Soy ingeniero de sistemas y computacion de la universidad de los Andes, Bogota,...")
David Ramirez ("Hi, I'm from Colombia, 45, IT-Engineer and hobby photographer. SETI@HOME fan since I...")
Ernesto Sabogal ("Country: Colombia. Age: 35. Special interests: R&D, science. Occupation: R&D engineer,...")
Diego A. Galeano P. ("Soy un ingeniero civil de Medellin, Colombia al que siempre le ha gustado la astronomía y...")
EDUVOLUCION.COM ("Founder of Horacio Reyes Rios Electronic Engineer I worked as project...")
Jairo Alberto Gutierrez Gelvez ("Computer Technician.")
nicorojas ("I'm a computer programmer, from Colombia, 32 years old, like classical music, (I'm a...")
German Alvarado ("Germán Alvarado Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia about 39.5 years ago. I work as...")
JEDILINK ("I'm a colombian computer scientist focused in computer graphics topics. Author of a...")
Andres A. Buendia Ucros ("Hi. I'm Andres A. Buendia Ucros I'm Colombian, born at Bogota D.C. on May 4 1970. I work...")

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