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SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

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Download, install and run the BOINC software used by SETI@home. When prompted, select SETI@home from the list of projects.

Have questions or need help? Contact a volunteer using BOINC online help.

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Keep your computer busy when SETI@home has no work - participate in other BOINC-based projects.

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Project temporarily down
The BOINC mysql database and server software are currently being upgraded (and tested internally). The project will be offline probably until tomorrow (Wednesday). 28 Jul 2015, 23:12:24 UTC

Big boost for SETI@home from Yuri Milner's Breakthrough Listen Initiative
SETI@home and Berkeley SETI Research Center are proud to be participating in the new Breakthrough Listen initiative, that will dramatically expand the search for life beyond Earth. 20 Jul 2015, 15:01:40 UTC · Comment

David Anderson interview
David Anderson, co-creator of SETI@home and Director of BOINC, took some time to chat with us recently.
14 Jul 2015, 20:02:07 UTC · Comment

Matt Lebofsky on hacking your job, and managing SETI data
Developer Matt Lebofsky is key to keeping SETI@home software & databases running. Check out our latest video profile of one of the guys who sends you your work units.
6 Jul 2015, 18:29:25 UTC · Comment

Questions and Answers
We put out a call on Twitter and Facebook for questions for our scientists and engineers. We picked seven of the submissions and had our team give short answers.

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23 Jun 2015, 21:51:52 UTC · Comment

Eric Korpela on UFOs and Conspiracy Theories
Berkeley SETI Research Center Project Scientist Eric Korpela talks about giant red aliens, sky queens, and what we'll do when we make contact. Check out our latest video profile at 12 Jun 2015, 18:20:35 UTC · Comment

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