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SETI@home is a scientific experiment, based at UC Berkeley, that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

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Where we get the data
Thanks for helping us analyze Breakthrough Listen data from the Green Bank Telescope! Berkeley SETI engineer Dave MacMahon takes us behind the scenes into the server room at Green Bank where the Listen instrument lives, and we also interview Green Bank director Karen O'Neil about keeping computers cool in our latest video: https://youtu.be/-gQocykdo1Y

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10 Apr 2017, 23:06:21 UTC · Discuss

We're back online
And with some incredible luck we didn't lose any entries in the pulse signal table at all.

1 Apr 2017, 3:37:03 UTC · Discuss

Unexpected outage (March 30-31)
We've found some corruption in a part of our science database that holds the power vs time profiles of detected pulses. We're running some table checks to see if we can localize the problem and come up with a solution that minimizes the lost workunits that need to be redone.
30 Mar 2017, 23:43:29 UTC · Discuss

Science progress reports
We're moving closer to completing the analysis of our 18 years of Arecibo data. Recent work has given us a good handle on RFI removal. See the Nebula blog for details.
10 Mar 2017, 8:15:57 UTC · Discuss

New SETI@home donation project on Bitcoin Utopia
We've started a new mining effort on Bitcoin Utopia. If you've got mining equipment and want to help out, please join the effort.

The ~5 bitcoins that were donated last year went primarily to buying replacement hard drives. With the number of drives we have running we lose quite a few over the course of a year. It was nice not to need to dip into cash to replace them.
7 Jan 2017, 0:35:08 UTC · Discuss

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